Ultrasound examination of soft tissues

Soft tissue sonography is a gentle, painless diagnostic technique in which the lymph nodes, blood vessels, connective tissue, fat (adipose) tissue, muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin related surface formulas and soft tissues of the limbs are examined.

The advantage of ultrasound examination of the limbs, muscles and tendons is that it makes the observation of structures feasible even during movement.

Besides the above mentioned organs, the thyroid, salivary glands and cervical lymph nodes in the cervical region can also be well examined by sonography.

In the axillary (armpit) region, we primarily scan the blood vessels leading to the arm, the lymph nodes of the area and any skin-related lesions.

The ultrasound examination of the groin area involves the scan for a possible groin (femoral) hernia, which means the detection of a formula in the abdominal cavity, that protrudes through the weakened and separating muscle layers of the abdominal wall and through the connective tissue layers.


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Ultrasound examination of testicles

During the ultrasound examination of the testicles, inflammation and other lesions of the testicles (tumor, circulatory disorders), as well as the contents of the scrotum and the formulas of the groin area (blood vessels, lymph nodes) can be visualized. In case of suspicion of water hernia, groin hernia, varicose veins or potential malignant tumor, ultrasound screening can supply information.

With the help of testicular ultrasound, usually cysts (fluid filled sac or cavity) and abscesses can also be detected. Lymph node metastases of cancer in the groin region can also be revelaled by this technique but it plays an important role e.g. in identifying and precisely locating hidden testicles.

Sonography is safe and can be repeated in unlimited numbers, so it can also be applied to track visible defects or to follow the changes in the condition of diseases.

During the examination of the superficial soft tissues, a probe with a very high vibration intensity is used, which allows the high spatial resolution display of superficial structures, as well as the visualization of the nerves (painful or painless lumps, inflammation, ligaments, foreign bodies stuck in or under the skin, etc.).

The structure of the muscles and tendons in the deeper layers can no longer be visualized satisfactorily by ultrasound technique, so their examination can be ensured by the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) method.



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