Teletherapy (skype therapy) is a new, fast spreading form of therapy. This method also makes the consultation/therapy accessible to those patients who would otherwise be excluded from the psychological care. Personal therapy and teletherapy differ in numerous aspects. For example, in personal therapy the duty of the psychiatrist is to ensure the framework of psychotherapy, while in teletherapy this task is shared between the psychiatrist and the patient. In teletherapy, the patient is also responsible for providing appropriate privacy conditions and security (such as sofware security, safety of therapy space).

The recommended, safe way is when a personal therapeutic relationship is transformed into a teletherapeutic connection. Professional expectation is that teletherapeutic relationship transforms into a personal therapy form several times a year. By taking into account the professional considerations, the psychologist has the right to decide whether teletherapy can be applied in your case or another type of help is needed.


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Our new, expanded adult ADHD diagnostic program

Since 2022, Panoráma Polyclinic has been offering complex ADHD diagnostics for adults. A psychiatrist, a somatic specialist and a psychologist take part in the assessment, and the team performs its activity according to professional protocols and international standards. In addition to the psychiatric examination, the program also includes a somatic medical examination, a questionnaire survey […]


You can get rid of the pain

Living with persistent or recurring pain is physically and psychologically torturous. Moreover, the pain is not constant and can increase over time, as long-lasting intense pain lowers the pain threshold in the affected part of the body. Patients experience increasing, even unbearable pain, their quality of life and vitality deteriorate, and their family and environment […]


Nerve ablation

Nerve ablation means the elimination of the pain transmitting nerve fibres that innervate the joints, so that the sensation cannot reach the brain and cannot become conscious. Most often, we treat the nerves in the small joints of the spine and the larger joints of the limbs. In this way, spinal and other joint problems […]