Supportive psychotherapy

Supportive therapy (support, supportive treatment) is one of the basic psychotherapies, a therapeutic approach that aims to provide support and help to the patient in dealing with various difficulties in life. Supportive therapy does not focus on the underlying causes, but generally focuses on creating a supportive environment to increase the individual’s self-confidence, self-esteem and emotional stability, to facilitate the coping with difficulties, finding solutions and adapting to life circumstances.

Supportive psychotherapy can be used to treat a wide range of illnesses, in addition to psychiatric conditions, also in the case of somatic disorders – in our clinic, this is primarily the task of the health psychology consultation.

Panoráma Polyclinic recommends supportive psychotherapy for those for whom individual exploratory therapy, group analysis or psychodrama are not a solution.

Supportive therapy aims to

  • strengthen self-protection and coping mechanisms,
  • help the individual to accept his/her condition and to affirm his/her status in the environment (e.g. after a life-changing diagnosis in the family),
  • reduce stress and anxiety, increase stress tolerance,
  • facilitate social interaction and communication.

The purpose of the treatments

  • successfully coping with the symptoms of the disease,
  • promoting stability and appropriate adaptation,
  • maintaining and developing self-esteem,
  • promoting general health and personal well-being,
  • supporting performance at home and at work,
  • preventing the recurrence of serious mental disorders,
  • support in coping with the problems originating from a temporary adjustment disorder.

The sphere of supportive treatments varies, and depending on the problem, therapy can last for a few weeks or even years, with weekly or biweekly sessions.


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