Psychosomatic medical examination

The term of psychosomatics refers to the unity of body and soul. If the functional balance is upset, due to certain disorders in mental functioning, then symptoms may also appear at the physical level too.

Despite the massive development of medicine and imaging techniques, there are certain physical symptoms and complaints, the appearance of which cannot be well interpreted by medicine with biological approach only – in the background of the complaints either no pathologic changes can be determined or the intensity of the grievances considerably surpasses the apparent damage. Symptoms may produce difficulties in the patient’s everyday functioning and place a substantial emotional burden on the person and his/her environment.

A comprehensive medical examination is important but a negative medical finding does not indicate that the check-up is unsuccessful, but that the complaint requires a diverse approach.

By observing the symptoms in the light of a bio-psycho-social approach, they can be understood and – for the most part – managed. Incorporating the genetic-habitual background, psychic factors and environmental-social features into the interpretation (understanding the patient as a human individual rather than concentrating on the disease only) can be an important step to achieve recovery.

The unity of body and soul needs to be taken into consideration upon the development of the disease and during the recovery stages as well.

Changes in the conditions of patients, suffering from chronic diseases, may also be affected by psychic factors, so it is recommended to undergo a psychosomatic medical examination in order to discover/determine them.

Our psychosomatic medical examination is performed by a specialist who is experienced in both traditional (somatic) medical practice and healing of mental complaints.


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