Psychological consultation

Everyone may feel at some point in their life that they have become unable to make decisions, their mental strenght has declined or owing to a new life situation they feel the necessity to arrange their feelings and thoughts in some sort of order. During the psychological counselling sessions patients can receive short psychological assistance to restore the feeling of mental wellness, to understand difficulties related to conformity and to manage crisis situations. During the talk, the specialist helps to outline the problem, provides support for evoking personal resources and for shaping attitudes towards stress.

That shorter psychological help (maximum five sessions) can also be provided when the patient needs an advice on how to solve a more serious problem (for example eating disorder, continuous depression, appearance of physical symptoms due to mental strain, relationship difficulties) and he/she cannot decide which type of assistance –  the medical/psychiatric or the psychological technique – is to be selected or he/she would need professional help to choose the therapeutic way that conforms to his/her problems and personality.


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Nerve ablation

Nerve ablation means the elimination of the pain transmitting nerve fibres that innervate the joints, so that the sensation cannot reach the brain and cannot become conscious. Most often, we treat the nerves in the small joints of the spine and the larger joints of the limbs. In this way, spinal and other joint problems […]


Precision nerve block

Pain relief procedures that act directly on the nerve, thus eliminating pain even right away, will soon be available in our outpatient Pain Management Clinic. One such procedure is the precision nerve block injection. There are two important points that make the invasive interventions available in our polyclinic different from those available elsewhere: – at […]