Psychodrama is a group method that helps to unfold individual problems and difficulties by means of talk, action and play. Team members can present their problems and inner conflicts through creative joint games in which group members participate. In such a way, members of the group may experience new perspectives, new approaches to their problems and relating solution options as well.

To whom is psychodrama advised?

For persons who

  • feel lonely
  • afraid of new or unexpected social affairs
  • suffer from physical symptoms (sleep disturbance, eating disorder, headache, other somatic complaints)
  • have problems with making social contacts or have certain relationship issues
  • face difficulties in other domains of life
  • have problems with conflict resolutions


How to join the group?

After the application, team leaders survey the aspirant’s motivation, why he/she intends to join the group or analyse whether psychodrama technique is really the most appropriate therapeutic method for the aspirant.


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