There are different psychotherapy schools and methods. What they all get in common is that during the therapeutic relationship and process it is  feasible to achieve a lasting change (arising from inside) in spiritual functioning and to realize as much internal freedom as possible for the patient. Psychotherapy may be recommended to anyone who intends to undergo a change. From the therapeutical point of view, the primary question is not necessarily whether the patient is considered sick or healthy.

At Panoráma Polyclinic a wide range of psychotherapeutic methods is available, including autogenic training-relaxation, cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), short and long therapies with psychoanalytic approach, couples and family therapy. We provide our services for both children and adults. In addition to individual techniques, we also practice group methods (psychoanalytic small group, psychodrama). By taking into consideration the patient’s basic complaint, attitude and motivation to change, the appropriate psychotherapeutic method can be selected and decided jointly.


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Nerve ablation

Nerve ablation means the elimination of the pain transmitting nerve fibres that innervate the joints, so that the sensation cannot reach the brain and cannot become conscious. Most often, we treat the nerves in the small joints of the spine and the larger joints of the limbs. In this way, spinal and other joint problems […]


Precision nerve block

Pain relief procedures that act directly on the nerve, thus eliminating pain even right away, will soon be available in our outpatient Pain Management Clinic. One such procedure is the precision nerve block injection. There are two important points that make the invasive interventions available in our polyclinic different from those available elsewhere: – at […]