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Dr. Anna Kövér, our infant and pediatric specialist

Abdominal pain, cough, barking cough, fever, difficult breathing, skin rashes on children and numerous more symptoms may indicate childhood diseases. At Panoráma Polyclinic an infant and pediatric specialist with clinical (hospital) experience and comprehensive professional knowledge cures children and helps the parents with useful guidance for the fast recovery of the sick child.

Panoráma Polyclinic, during the consulting hours of Dr Anna Kövér on Tuesday and Wednesday morning (by pre-scheduled booking and without waiting),  is at the disposal of the families which require medical guidance,  with its availability of up-to-date diagnostic equipment and laboratory background.

Our pediatrician is one of the few pediactric specialists who has expanded her general pediatric knowledge with hematological expertise, so by taking into consideration the special aspects of childhood hematogenic disorders and anemia, she can examine the child from a complex point of view, paying attention to the  physical and mental conditions of the disease as well.


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What symptoms should we see a pediatrician for?

  • in case of eating disorders (the child suffers from loss of appetite, eats little or too much and too eagerly)
  • if parents experience persistent paleness
  • if the baby has frequent stomach aches (colicky)
  • in case of feverish conditions, prolonged complaints, headache, acute illnesses (such as barking, catharrhal or recurrent coughing)
  • vomiting or/and diarrhea suggesting a possible infection
  • the child suffers from frequent constipation (fecal impaction)
  • if we need the analysis and interpretation of existing ultrasound and laboratory findings
  • if we need an advice or second opinion during an ongoing treatment
  • in case of the appearance of skin anomalies (rash, redness, eczema, recurrent hives, etc.) and lesions
  • if parents recognize symptoms (or have doubts) in relation to icreased weight gain tendencies or delay in the child’s development

At Panoráma Polyclinic an infant and pediatric specialist with clinical (hospital) experience

State-of-the-art laboratoy and ultrasound examinations

In our pediatric medical practice we treat and care children from newborn age to the age of 18 years with maximum attention and with the latest professional and technical background in family friendly conditions that help to overcome the fears that children may have. Our physicians treat the recurrent symptoms and disorders in a complex way, by coordinating with our psychotherapists in a professional cooperation during joint consultations.

In our pediatric clinic, in order to detect the cause of disease of the child, we provide the latest laboratory examination facility and pediatric radiology (ultrasound) technique as well.


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