Ultrasound examination of testicles in childhood

Testicular ultrasound scan is necessary if unilateral or bilateral swelling and pain in the scrotum is detected or if a palpable structure (formula) can be identified in the scrotal sac, next to the testis.

Swelling of the scrotum is generally caused by water hernia (so-called hydrocele) or inguinal hernia, when a small part of the intestine drops into the scrotum. In addition to swelling, inflammation or testicular torsion may come together with the patient’s severe pain, however, despite their similar symptoms, treatments for the two disorders are different, so a precise diagnosis is utmost important. While inflammation can be treated by medication, testicular torsion is needed to have an immediate care and must be operated for the improvement. If testicular torsion occurs, the testicle rotates along with its holding cord. This may bring about the blockage of the testicle supplying blood vessels. In this case, a testicular necrosis can be expected within hours, so the earliest possible intervention is needed.

By detecting a palpatable, circumscribed structure in the scrotum, or adjacent to the testis, disorders like varicocele (enlargement of the veins within the scrotum), benign or malignant tumors may be suspected and the treatment of these conditions requires a rapid diagnosis at the earliest.


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