Pediatric ultrasound diagnostics (sonography)

At Panoráma Polyclinic we apply ultrasound technique for the examination of infants, toddlers and children on the following fields: postnatal cranium, abdominal and hip screening, thyroid ultrasound scan, cervical soft tissue sonography, abdominal and pelvic ultrasound test, testicular ultrasound scan, soft tissue check-up by ultrasound and sonography of non-traumatic joint complaints. Ultrasound examinations at Panoráma Polyclinic are performed by Dr Ildikó Vančo, pediatric radiologist.


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Our pediatric ultrasound diagnostic services


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Gastroscopy and colonoscopy for children

Gastrointestinal complaints in childhood are becoming more common and are occurring at an increasingly early age. Sometimes these complaints originate from age-specific characteristics, i.e. they can be outgrown, but at other times they are caused by serious conditions requiring urgent care, such as infections, inflammation or, in some cases, by persistent conditions that permanently change […]


Our new, expanded adult ADHD diagnostic program

Since 2022, Panoráma Polyclinic has been offering complex ADHD diagnostics for adults. A psychiatrist, a somatic specialist and a psychologist take part in the assessment, and the team performs its activity according to professional protocols and international standards. In addition to the psychiatric examination, the program also includes a somatic medical examination, a questionnaire survey […]


Gastroscopy at the Gastroenterology Centre of Panoráma Polyclinic

During a gastroscopic examination, also known as upper endoscopy, the doctor uses a special instrument equipped with a camera to view the upper parts of the digestive system: the oesophagus (gullet), the stomach and the first section of the duodenum (the first part of the small intestine). The examination helps diagnose many digestive problems, such […]