Oncopsychological consultation

The diagnosis and the treatment process of an oncological disease intensively put the skill of physical and mental adaptability to the test. In the condition of an emotional crisis that persists at this time, an intensive emotional vortex is typical, starting from the appearance of feelings of dispair, anxiety and depression, ranging to the experience of spiritual strength. Symptoms as panic-like anxiety, poor appetite and sleep disturbances may appear. These intensive feelings and somatic symptoms are often temporary and due to the start of the treatment, to the support of the family and friends, to the mobilization of the resources the patient can successfully adapt to the situation. He/she can develop an active cooperation with the specialists and the treatments, re-experience the feeling of the control and in this way reduce the level of experiences related to emotional burdens to a tolerable extent. At other times, feelings get stuck, the crisis can change into anxiety, depressive syndrome or possibly into a mental disesase. Most often, to reduce the intensity of symptoms and to mobilize the resources, a few therapy visits may be satisfactory. In other cases a longer process may be necessary. If it is needed, the verbal therapy can be complemented with a psychiatric medication process as well.

As a psychologist, I can assist the patient to have an orientation in his/her intensified feelings appearing in relation with the nature of the situation, to better control and tolerate them and to reveal resources in order to adapt to the treatment process. Psychological consultations take 45 minutes, usually 1-3  times are needed to outline the problem. Based on this outlining we can then agree on what kind of help would be necessary and what is their feasibility options.


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