Internal medicine

Internal medicine, as a medical specialty, deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases which affect the whole body; such diseases include disorders  of the cardiovascular, respiratory, hematogenic system, diseases of the  digestive tract, the liver and the endocrine glands etc. Panoráma Polyclinic provides for its patients a high level care and attendance with the assistance of well-trained internal medicine specialists having numerous certification exams.

Accumulated experiences of the internal medicine has led to a deeper knowledge in a number of specialized areas like cardiology, which is concentrating on the diseases of the heart, pulmonology, focusing on lung disorders, or hematology, dealing with the hematogenic system. At our Polyclinic our patients can book an appointment for check-up or consultation in almost all of the detailed fields (in addition to the listed ones oncology counselling, endicronology and nephrology consultations are also available in our health center).


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What symptoms should the patient see an internal medicine specialist for?

  • recurrent abdominal pain
  • disease of the respiratory tract
  • fatigue or malaise (discomfort)
  • weight loss (unplanned)
  • anemia (lacking enough healthy red blood cells)
  • weakness
  • problems with the blood pressure
  • high cholesterol level (blood lipid abnormality) and/or other, different changes even within a short period of time

Our internal medicine specialists are Dr Judit Máté and Dr Zsuzsanna Molnár.

Internal medicine, as a medical specialty, deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases which affect the whole body

What happens during the internal medicine examination?

By evaluating the symptoms, complaints and the medical history, the internal medicine specialist will complete the diagnosis, based on the necessary diagnostic order (laboratory tests, ECG check-up, imaging examinations), and may propose further specialist consultation.

As a part of the internal medicine review examination, in case of necessity, an ECG check-up is also completed by our specialists. In certain cases the interist may consider additional examinations inevitable which can also be executed in our Polyclinic:

  • ultrasound diagnostics
  • laboratory tests
  • Holter monitoring
  • ABPM (24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring)

According to the philosophy of our Polyclinic, when necessary, the psychosomatic causes underlying our patients’ symptoms are also revealed in the course of a complex specialist examination.

We propose that our patients request the 24-hour Holter (ECG) monitoring test, the 24-hour ABPM (blood pressure monitoring) test or the resting ECG examination in the days prior to the specialist consultation, so that during the meeting with the patient the specialist can also evaluate the already available test results.

Appointment for these tests can be booked separately via our online booking system through the following link:

ABPM, Holter, resting ECG tests



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