Dr Zsuzsanna Molnár hematologist

Our hematologist, Dr Zsuzsanna Molnár, having several specialist medical degrees and decades of experience behind her, determines the problems by analyzing symptoms, treats and cures hematogenic cancers (lymphomas, leukemia). As a respected specialist of the National Institute of Oncology she has been treating and taking care of numerous patients for many years (decades). Besides her specialized professional expertise she is also acknowledged among her patients for her emphatetic, holistic health care approach. If it is needed, she can take care of her patients together with the assistance of a clinical psychologist  colleague who has wide experience in the therapy of medical oncology patients as well.

In addition to preparing a second opinion in our Polyclinic, we can provide opportunity for consultation and comprehensive counselling to be completed in a particularly peaceful environment. If necessary, in our practice the medical check-up of the patients can also be initiated by going through  laboratory tests.

determines the problems by analyzing symptoms, treats and cures hematogenic cancers



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