Health Psychology (Pest)

Health psychology is a trend in psychology that basically concentrates on the physical health and the related problems. It draws attention to the fact that the way in our health develops is affected by biological, psychological and social factors impacting on each other. For that reason health psychologists take a role in campaigns aiming to maintain health and to prevent diseases (e.g. enhancing people’s participation in screening, introducing healthy lifestyle, promoting quit-smoking), support doctor-patient relationships and provide psychological help to persons suffering from chronic physical diseases.

The health psychologist also helps with stress management in connection with an illness, such as an oncological disease, so that the patient can better cope with the physical and mental anxiety, pain and emotional ups and downs that happen after diagnosis and during treatment.

Health psychology is a trend in psychology that basically concentrates on the physical health and the related problems.

Our health psychologist, Emire Baráth, who also deals with oncology cases, conducts health psychology consultations in English and Swedish, as well as in Hungarian, both in our Buda (Derkovits u. 7.  1126 Budapest) and Pest (Ilosvai Selymes u. 81. 1147 Budapest) clinics.

She carries out the health psychology consultation at Panoráma Polyclinic:

  • stress management related to the illness (with special attention to oncological diseases),
  • psychological/health psychological support for physical (somatic) diseases, problems and conditions,
  • help in coping with physical illness,
  • support for recovery,
  • support for health awareness (both during and after oncological treatment).

Booking an appointment

Book an appointment online with our health psychologist Emire Baráth!
You can choose an appropriate time in our calendar!

Panoráma Polyclinic (Pest): Ilosvai Selymes u. 81. 1147 Budapest (Thursday)

Booking an appointment (Pest)

You can also make an appointment for health psychology consultation by calling phone number 06 70 775 0288 or by sending an email directly to recepcio@panoramaklinika.hu; please make sure to mention in the email that you are requesting an appointment with our health psychologist Emire Baráth.

Booking an appointment for health psychology

Health psychologist of Panoráma Polyclinic in our Buda clinic  (Derkovits u. 7.  1126 Budapest) is Panna Gajdos, who specializes in the field of treating patients suffering from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and various other uncertain gastrointestinal problems.

Coronavirus infection – Post-COVID symptoms

Coping with a chronic disease, the diagnostic process itself, the varying interventions and overcoming the symptoms can be extraordinarily challenging and trying. Patients often report on conditions with negative mood, intense stress and anxiety. This may be particularly true for coronavirus infection which can heavily and negatively affect mental health owing to the uncertainty of symptoms, the extended duration of the recovery process and the development of lingering symptoms (Post-COVID syndrome). Coping with a still unknown disease may be stressful due to the symptoms that prevail long after the recovery, like chronic fatigue or sleep disorders which can hinder the return to the previous lifestyle. Since the last year has already exhausted our resources significantly, all these symptoms and difficulties can have greater effect on our mental wellness than the similar challenges we had needed to face before.

The aim of the health psychologists is – on the basis of the cooperation with physicians – to provide such individualized psychological support to patients which can develop stress management, help to deal with their symptoms and contribute to improve both psychological and physical well-being.

Pain Management Clinic – complemented with the help of a health psychologist

At the Pain Management Center of Panoráma Polyclinic, a special medical team, led by our excellent neurosurgeon, works to ensure that each of our patients is referred to the most appropriate specialist, that the cause of their pain is identified in a short time and that their complaints are alleviated as soon as possible.

In our pain management clinic, the coordinated work of neurosurgeons, neurologist, health psychologist, manual therapist and physiotherapist helps to find solutions to the complaints of our patients.

When booking an appointment, please remember to enter your complaints in the comment section! Our colleague will then contact you directly so that your treatment can be started with the right specialist as soon as possible. We also look forward to receiving your complaints by e-mail: recepcio@panoramaklinika.hu.


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