Group therapy with psychoanalytic approach

Verbal, group therapy can be recommended for the treatment of difficulties or disorders, whose main symptoms are anxiety, bad mood, extreme tension, psysical complaints or relationship problems. 

What effect can be achieved by the group therapy?

During group sessions, relationship difficulties and stuck in life situations become  outlined. There is an opportunity to better discover ourselves, we can get a feeedback on how we affect other persons and we can experience and recognize how others influence us. By reason of the group therapy sessions, the actual symptom intensity decreases, the hitherto deeply hidden skills come to light and new kinds of attitudes can be obtained.

How to join?

Prior to joining the group, an individual psychological assessment and a relevant preparation is carried out. Based on the result of the assessment, it will be clarified whether group therapy is really the most appropriate solution to your problems, or whether other type of treatments may be advised.


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