COVID-19 vaccination counselling

Advice and answers from an  immunologist in a 20-minute online consultation.

In our polyclinic we provide an opportunity to discuss issues and concers about the vaccination against COVID-19 disease as well as the questions about immunity. Our immunologist, Dr Helga Tóth, will answer the emerging questions in an ONLINE consultation.

Topics which need detailed clarification in the light of the current new health situation (making no claim for completeness):

  • vaccination of pregnant women (what are the conditions which make the necessity of the vaccination definite or doubtful?)
  • vaccination of patients struggling with a primary disease (how, by what means, under what conditions?)
  • potential complications of the vaccination
  • returning to work – can the patient go back to a community?
  • how can immunity be evaluated?
  • what vaccine may the patient receive?
  • may the patient be vaccinated after a febrile illness? (how much time must have elapsed since the start of the illness/feverish condition?)
  • treatment and prevention of vaccination-related side effects

Price of the COVID-19 vaccination online counselling is HUF 12,000.-

To make an appointment call: 06 70 775 0288 or log in into our online appointment system.


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