Child and adolescent psychiatry

In our pediatric psychiatric consultation we take care of the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders in the age group 3-18 years.

The most common  child and adolescent psychiatry problems include the following:

  • attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • autism spectrum disorder (eg. Tourette’s syndrome)
  • mood disorders (eg. depression)
  • anxiety disorders
  • eating disturbances
  • obsessive compulsive disorder
  • crisis situations or even psychotic disorders

These difficulties can produce numerous symptoms, such as:

  • changes in behaviour and mood
  • inattention (abstraction of mind)
  • intensified activity
  • emotional dysregulation
  • increased fears and phobias
  • changes in eating behaviour
  • social integration difficulties etc.

During a child/adolescent psychiatric assessment, we talk the incidental appearance of the above symptoms out with the participation of the family, and analyse whether these comply with the criteria of any child psychiatric disorder. If it is necessary, we can incorporate additional specialists of Panoráma Polyclinic into the diagnostic process (clinical psychology specialist and special education teacher). Finishing the examination, if needed, we also give suggestion to manage the problems in compliance with the national and international professional guidelines. In most situations, that involves some forms of psychoterapy processes (individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy or a combination thereof) and/or medication – all the related matters are also reviewed with the families.

In our pediatric psychiatric consultation we take care of the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders in the age group 3-18 years.



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