Panna Gajdos

Panna Gajdos

psychologist, applied health psychologist, specialist psychologist candidate

Consultation only in Hungarian

My psychological work focuses on the connections between physical and mental processes. In my opinion it is essential to look at health widely, in which both physical and mental well-being and lifestyle play an important role. In my work, I like to deal with patients whose long-term physical symptoms or chronic illness have an impact on their psychological health. Coping with symptoms as well as the series of medical examinations can be very stressful, the disease can also greatly change the lifestsyle and affect several areas of life. It is a common experience that a life situation challenge, strain at the workplace, and the accompanying increased stress can contribute to the buildup of certain physical symptoms.

Gajdos Panna psychologist

Health psychology consultations can be helpful both in these stressful life situations and in the case of an existing health problem. I consider it essential to deal with physical symptoms, mental processes and their possible connections at the same time. In the case of a diagnosed chronic disease, it is worth learning the main characteristics of the particular disease and the difficulties inherent in living with them. We provide support for accomplishing lifestyle changes pescribed or advised to treat the disease, coping with symptoms, and reducing stress and tension using a variety of psychological methods and relaxation techniques.

I am particularly interested in the issue of irritable bowel syndrome and various, uncertain gastrointestinal problems, I also carry out research in this area and the results and experience gained from this exploration I also use in my practical work.