Lilla Farkass

Lilla Farkass

physiotherapist, manual therapist, TestSzobrász® (body sculpting) structural integrator

Manual and physiotherapeutic support of musculoskeletal disorders, posture and body awareness are at the focus of Lilla Farkass’ versatile professional work at the Panoráma Polyclinic. She is also involved in the teamwork of the Pain Outpatient Clinic with her manual therapy-oriented treatments and activities.

She graduated as a physiotherapist (BSc) in 2015 from the Faculty of Health Sciences of Semmelweis University. Initially, she worked as a physiotherapist in a rehabilitation department of a hospital, then at a specialised clinic in the 2nd district of Budapest, mainly in the field of rheumatology and orthopaedics-traumatology. Her professional and personal interest led her to ‘hands-on’, i.e. done by hand, touch-based techniques; she was the first to obtain an accredited manual therapist qualification at the Faculty of General Medicine of Semmelweis University. She is constantly striving to enrich her approach and techniques, and since 2023 she has also been working with the BodySculpture® (body sculpting) posture and body awareness method.

Panoráma Polyclinic provides individualised manual therapy treatments to patients in the framework of the clinic’s multidisciplinary Pain Outpatient Clinic.

Her main areas of expertise are

  • manual and movement therapy management of pain syndromes in Hungarian and English
  • manual therapy of the temporomandibular joint (CMD)
  • education on ergonomic postures and health-conscious physical activity
  • posture and body awareness development

‘In my work I try to see and examine the person I am working with as a whole. What is valuable for me is to be present with full, personal attention and to perform a concentrated work. My goal is to work with the person who comes to me and my colleagues through the process to recognise the factors that play a role in the condition that is developing.