Györgyi Kovács

Györgyi Kovács

Clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, Bálint Group Leader, head of the psychology professional group

Consultation only in Hungarian

During my professional career I worked as a psychologist in public health service (Children’s Hospital) and in the field of education (Expert Committee, Education counselling service, Pedagogical service), I have been dealing with individual psychotherapy for adults, adolescents and children for more than 15 years within the framework of private health service.

During my method-specific studies, after mastering autogenic training and relaxation, I became committed to the psychodynamic trend, and my view is characterized by the relationship-focused approach. I have been member of the professional team of the Panoráma Polyclinic since 2016. In addition to individual therapeutic work, I lead Bálint group, I help younger colleagues as a child psychotherapist instructor, and I have been participating in the training of ELTE Counselling Specialist Psychologist for eight years as a part-time teacher.

I care for adults in crisis situations, in case of losses (grief, divorce) anxiety disorders, relationship-, anger management-, self-esteem problems, psychosomatic symptoms and with the aim of deepening self-knowledge.

I provide parental counselling, pediatric and adolescent therapy for serious life events that affect the child (eg. divorce, death, illness) as well as in case of somatic symptoms, mood swings, anxiety, integration difficulties, performance problems, selective mutism, etc.