Eszter Kuncz

Eszter Kuncz

special education teacher – psychologist

My professional approach has been shaped by my knowledge of both special education (speech therapist) and psychology (counselling specialist psychologist).

As a psychologist, I worked in an educational consultant service (today it is called: pedagogical special service) and in the National Pedagogical Specialist Service of ELTE, where I basically carried out diagnostic and differential diagnostic work in the field of speech developmental delay – speech development disorders – autism spectrum disorder – ADHD – intellectual disability – other pervasive disorders – mostly in teams: together with my psychologist and psychiatrist colleagues.

My consulting and advisory approach is characterized by a relationship-focused, problem-oriented attitude.

Kuncz Eszter

I have utilized my cognitive psychology expertise in the standardization of the Wechsler-type tests (WPPSI-IV, WISC-IV, WAIS-IV) in Hungary. I have been involved in the so-called ″user course″ training of these tests for more than ten years at the request of the test distributor GIUNTI Psychometrics Hungary Kft.

I am happy to undertake parent consultations and child assessments for speech development problems, behavioural disorders (e.g. suspected ASD, ADHD), performance constraints, performance anxiety as well as in the field of children’s talent and gift. In special cases, I work in collaboration with medical and psychological colleagues.