Dr Zsuzsanna Molnár

Dr Zsuzsanna Molnár

internal medicine specialist, clinical oncologist, hematologist chief physician

Consultation only in Hungarian


Examination and treatment of malignant lymphomas (cancer of the lymphatic system), secondary review of therapeutic plans, oncological counselling.

Oncological and hematological consultation at Panoráma Polyclinic (address: Derkovits utca 7., 1126 Budapest) and ONLINE ONCOLOGICAL CONSULTATION AND HEMATOLOGICAL COUNSELLING without personal appearance.

Professional experience

In 1978, I graduated as a general practitioner from the Faculty of Medicine at Semmelweis University of Medicine.

I have been working at the Lymphoma Center of the National Institute of Oncology since 1979.

I took an internal medicine specialist exam in 1984, a clinical oncology specialist exam in 1988, and a clinical hematology specialist exam in 2007.

In 2012, I defended my PhD thesis on the topic of lymph node tumors (the role of FDG/PET-CT in response assessment during first line treatment of Hodgkin Lymphoma).

At the Panoráma Polyclinic I perform the following medical activities:

  • specialized counselling for those affected by oncological (cancer) disease
  • second opinion on the therapy of patients with already diagnosed lymphoma (cancer of the lymphatic system)
  • review of findings and consultation, treatment-recovery follow-up in connection with the treatments and with issues related to the patient’s lifestyle supporting his/her body and soul
  • targeted lifestyle counselling (focus on cancer prevention)
  • online consultations (oncology, hematology)

Dr. Molnár Zsuzsanna - onkológiai tanácsadás

To prepare a second oncology opinion, our specialist will discuss your already existing treatment plan with you in detail and listen to the history of the disease empathetically. Then, our oncologist colleague, with the help of other specialists and our oncopsychologist, and in accordance with the regulations of several specialties, gives a carefully planned, complex proposal for the continuation of the treatment.