Dr Zsófia Csizek

Dr Zsófia Csizek

Infant and pediatric physician, pediatric nephrologist candidate

Fever, cough, abdominal pain, etc. – besides the everyday problems of babies and children, Dr Zsófia Csizek also deals with the examination and treatment of diseases affecting the kidneys and the internal urinary tract, such as urinary tract infections, night and day urination, bloody urine.

She completed her studies at the Faculty of General Medicine of the University of Pécs, where she was already interested in pediatrics as a medic, and she chose her scientific work accordingly. After graduating, she started her residency training in 2016 at the Bókay Street Department of the Semmelweis University Pediatric Clinic, where she has been working ever since. For two years, she actively participated in the work of the Emergency Department of the Pediatric Clinic, where she encountered a wide range of pediatric cases from all specialties, from newborn febrile conditions to a 17-year-old teenager presenting with a chest pain complaint. Since 2021, she spends most of her time in the renal department, where she deals with various diseases affecting the kidneys and the urinary tract, including children with chronic kidney disease after kidney transplantation. Following her specialist exam in infant and pediatric medicine, she has been continuing her professional training in nephrology since 2023. She has been a volunteer doctor at the Transplant Foundation since 2022, and in 2023 she was elected president of the Young Pediatricians Section of the Hungarian Pediatric Society.

Her main areas of expertise

In pediatric practice:

  • febrile conditions
  • acute or prolonged cough
  • acute or prolonged abdominal pain
  • if the child is depressed or has a poor appetite
  • if the child does not gain weight or suddenly gains weight
  • any other acute childhood illness

In the field of nephrology:

  • if the child drinks a lot, urinates a lot (polydipsia, polyuria)
  • nocturnal urination (girls over 5 years, boys over 6 years or before starting school)
  • frequent urge to urinate during the day, urine leakage, involuntary loss of urine
  • kidney stones, which may be associated with lower back pain
  • bloody urine
  • urinary tract infection

‘In addition to professional competence, I consider right communication, attention and empathy with both children and their relatives to be very important. Building mutual trust should be a cornerstone in the care of patients. Over the years working in the clinic, I have also experienced the importance of teamwork for the benefit of patients. In many diseases, it happens that additional support is needed, either from the psychological side or from other specialty fields. Thus, I also think it is crucial to develop good relationships with colleagues. My motto is: With heart and expertise.’