Dr. Tamás Martin

Dr. Tamás Martin

clinical oncologist

The clinical oncologist of our clinic carries out complex rehabilitation, aftercare and cancer prevention for tumourous patients in the Onco-Rehabilitation Centre of our outpatient clinic in Pest.

During the onco-rehabilitation process, the oncologist

  • is exceptionally attentive to the patient,
  • devotes appropriate time to him/her,
  • assists, coordinates the treatment process, develops and prepares therapies that maintain the quality of life,
  • makes individualized recommendations to reduce the long-term effects of anti-tumour treatment,
  • assesses the chances of recurrence and the formation of metastases of the disease and makes recommendations for their detection and prevention,
  • may be consulted with symptoms of side effects or complications during the treatment carried out according to the protocol,
  • may be asked if mobility difficulties, fatigue, pain or weakness occur during the treatment,
  • may be consulted if it becomes more difficult to carry out daily activities,
  • may be interviewed if it is more difficult to think clearly,
  • helps the patient to maintain and regain both psychological/mental and physical fitness, and to make everyday life easier.

Onco-rehabilitation is the process of helping patients to achieve and maintain their maximum physical, social, psychological/spiritual, occupational abilities and well-being by reducing the damage caused by the tumour and the cancer treatment. Therefore, it is extremely important that the so-called pre-rehabilitation process be started after the diagnosis, even before the necessary oncological treatments, where the psychological and physical preparation of the patient takes place.

In Hungary, this type of care is still available elsewhere in a limited way and is complexly missing from public care, however international experience highlights the beneficial effects of onco-rehabilitation and the need for it.

The basic aim of onco-rehabilitation is:

– to detect, prevent, screen, reduce/minimize the chances of recurrence or metastasis (second tumour),

– to monitor the long-term effects of the tumour (physical, immunological, psychosocial effects),

– to prevent and manage the long-term effects of anti-tumour treatment.

Our oncologist and onco-rehabilitation specialist is Dr Tamás Martin.


2020-2022 National Institute of Oncology, Department of Thoracic and Abdominal Tumours, clinical oncologist

2015-2020 National Institute of Oncology, Department of Genitourinary Tumours, clinical oncologist candidate


2022- Semmelweis University, Healthcare Management Training

2015-2020- Semmelweis University, Clinical Oncology Training

2009-2015 Semmelweis University, Faculty of General Medicine

Professional experience:

From 2017 Regular professional presentations at domestic scientific congresses

2018-2021 Chairman of MOT (Hungarian Cancer Society) FIOSZ (Young Oncologists) Section

2018-2022 Participation and education in the graduate training of medical students

2019  Participation in oncology nurse training

2020-2022 Participation in clinical trials as Sub Investigator


2019  Second-line significance of cabozantinib, Oncology&Haematology

2020  Study of fertility in patients with testicular cancer, MO

Predictive markers of first line Pazonapib, Pathol Oncol Res

Cannabis use in oncology, Medical Weekly

2021  Low socioeconomic position in testicular cancer patients, BMC Public


2008  English intermediate B2 language exam


2021  Ministry of Human Resources, Ministerial Certificate of Merit