Dr Renáta Szentgyörgyvölgyi

Dr Renáta Szentgyörgyvölgyi


Consultation only in Hungarian

As a neurologist, I deal with the examination, diagnosis and therapy of pathological processes of the human nervous system (brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, muscles).

My areas of interest include:

– Care and rehabilitation of chronic degenerative neurological diseases (Parkinson’s and dementia);

– Medical check-up and treatment of dizziness, headaches (migraine, associated with blood pressure spikes, spondylogenic), sleep disorders;

– Treatment of peripheral neuropathies (nervous system diseases) and muscle disorders associated with numbness, sensory and/or movement disorders;

Primary and secondary prevention of the sudden life-threatening disease, the stroke (cerebrovascular occlusion or haemorrhage).

Primary prevention: reducing the various predisposing factors (high blood pressure, obesity, smoking, unhealthy lifestyle, high     cholesterol level, diabetes, cardiovascular disease) prior to the    disease (pathological) process.

Secondary prevention: regular control and care of people who have         suffered from the disease.

– Treatment of painful conditions (e.g. low back pain, tunnel syndrome, lumboischialgia)

Professional experience:

2021- Departmental, on-call and specialist clinic work as a neurologist, Vaszary Kolos Hospital Esztergom, Neurology Department

2021-2022 COVID vaccinator at Esztergom vaccination centre, COVID departmental work, patient care

2017-2021 Neurologist candidate, Vaszary Kolos Hospital Esztergom, Petőfi S. u 26-28, 2500 Esztergom

2015-2017 Regular on-call activity as a neurologist resident in the emergency department, Vaszary Kolos Hospital Esztergom

Graduation, studies:

Sept  2022 – Master’s Degree of Nutrition, Semmelweis University, Faculty of Health

2 – 4 June 2022 Neurology Compulsory Level Maintenance Course, DOTE (University of Debrecen)

18 Nov 2021 Neurology Specialist Examination, Semmelweis University, Neurology Clinic, Balassa u 6., Budapest

Sept   2020   OMIII (National Institute of Mental Health, Neurology and Neurosurgery, neurosurgery practice

Aug 2020 OORI (National Institute of Medical Rehabilitation), rehabilitation practice, excellent rating

Oct  2015  General Practitioner, DOTE, Faculty of General Medicine. Thesis: Ideal bodies, or ideals embodied – Body image disorders in medicine

2003-2005 University of Debrecen, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Faculty of Biology