Dr Péter Szendi

Dr Péter Szendi


Consultation in English and German as well

Our radiological examinations include: abdominal and pelvic ultrasound, thyroid gland, carotid artery (carotid Doppler), limb arteries, deep vein ultrasound (for thrombosis screening) cervical and superficial soft tissue, ultrasound diagnostics of salivary glands.

I graduated from the Faculty of General Medicine of Semmelweis University in 2003. I started my professional career in orthopedics and then I worked in the field of clinical research for a few years.

I have been dealing with radiology since 2012, I took my specialist radiology exam in 2016.

I work full-time at the radiology department of the Uzsoki Street Hospital, and besides, I have been participating in the MR diagnostic work of the National Institute of Musculoskeletal System Diseases (former National Institute of Rheumatology) for many years. I perform X-rays, ultrasounds, CT and MR scans.

Owing to the wide range of the above mentioned institutions I have gained diverse experience in the detection and follow-up of cancer, and in emergency, thoracoabdominal and vascular diagnostics, and my special professional fields include neurological and musculoskeletal radiology.

I consider mutual cooperation between different specialties in preparing diagnosis and making decisions extremely important.

I am glad that I can help the patient and his/her doctor to make the right diagnosis as the most important factor in the treatment of patients. Furthermore, it feels especially good to be able to provide for patients a well-founded, reassuring result during a thorough examination.