Dr Márta Szőnyi

Dr Márta Szőnyi

clinical oncologist, onco-rehabilitation specialist

At the Onco-Rehabilitation Centre of the Panoráma Polyclinic, she carries out so-called pre-rehabilitation, complex rehabilitation, aftercare, prevention of the long-term effects of anti-tumour treatment and prevention of cancer in oncological cases (e.g. patients suffering from breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer).

Our clinic is the first and currently the only one in Hungary to provide oncological rehabilitation care. This practice is not found at all in public care in a complex form that accompanies the patient for the rest of his/her life, one of the important goals of which is the prevention of metastases and recurrence.

However, the experience of this method, which has been introduced in Europe, particularly in the United States of America, shows that its patient-centred approach helps patients suffering from a severe disease or who have already survived a serious illness to return to the pleasures of everyday activities without being overshadowed or made impossible by the side effects of oncological treatments.

In addition, the process of rehabilitation helps patients to recover mentally/psychologically, physically and psychosocially, and to maintain the quality of life as much as possible, by reducing the damage caused by the treatment of the tumorous disease.

Onco-rehabilitation should be started immediately after the diagnosis (pre-rehabilitation), and it is also a strong help if the patient is medically fit to return to everyday life after a completed hospital treatment, in a recovered status from the medical point of view.

Onco-rehabilitation in outpatient care is carried out by an oncologist, who manages the following tasks:

  • makes suggestions to reduce the long-term effects of anti-tumour treatment,
  • in the long term, the oncologist will evaluate the chances of recurrence and metastasis of the disease by means of specialized tests and will make recommendations for their screening and prevention,
  • discusses with the patient the symptoms of side effects or complications appearing during hospital therapy carried out according to the protocole (e.g. mobility difficulties, fatigue, pain, weakness or other individual symptoms that the patient would like to have corrected)
  • helps the patient to maintain and regain both psychological/mental and physical fitness, making everyday life easier,
  • pays exceptional attenttion to the patient,
  • devotes adequate time to the patient,
  • assists and coordinates the treatment process, develops and prepares therapies to maintain the quality of life.


2020        Clinical Oncology Examination

2012-2015 Semmelweis University Budapest – Faculty of General Medicine

2009-2012 University of Pécs- Faculty of General Medicine

2001-2007 Polytechnic High School of Economics


2015-2017 Szent Margit Hospital – Oncology Department

2017-2021 Bajcsy Zsilinszky Hospital – Oncology Department

2021- 2022 National Institute of Oncology – “Chemotherapy B” Department

2022 – Somogy County Kaposi Mór Teaching Hospital – Oncology Outpatient Clinic


Advanced C1 type language examination


– Scientific Student Research (2012 – 2014) Department of Otolaryngology, Research Field: Ototoxic effect of cisplatin in patients with testicular tumours

– MAGYOT- Congress (2015) – poster- Abiraterone treatment in practice

– MAGYOT- Congress (2016)- presentation- Experience with Subcutaneous Herceptin at the Oncology Department of Szent Margit Hospital

– Forum of Young Graduates (Szent Margit Hospital, 2016)- presentation- Treatment of HER2+ breast cancer: application of a new subcutaneous formulation of an old agent in our patients

– FIOSZ Conference (2016)- presentation – Subcutaneous Herceptin for HER2 positive breast cancer in therapy: in connection with the presentation of a successful case

– MAGYOT Congress (2017)- presentation- Maintenance therapy as a new therapeutic procedure  in the treatment of epithelial ovarian cancer

– Scientific Forum of the Hungarian Senological Society (2017)- presentation- Post-irradiation angiosarcoma case report

– FIOSZ Conference (2017)- presentation- Differential diagnosis of testicular cancer and synchronous lung lesions in a case report


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J Mol Med (Berl). 2020 Jul;98(7):963-971. doi: 10.1007/s00109-020-01921-y. Epub 2020 May 20.


– 2013-2014 Membership of the Budapest Medical Students’ Association (BOE) – basic first aid course

– Rescue officer III training (OMSZ) 2014, MAGYOT volunteer from 2015

– MOT member since 2017

– ESMO member since 2017