Dr László Somogyi

Dr László Somogyi


  • Specialized knowledge in the whole range of acute and chronic psychiatric patient care.
  • Experience in the advanced assessment, treatment and care of adult psychiatric disorders:

◦ major depression

◦ anxiety disorders

◦ alcohol and drug abuse problems

◦ neurocognitiv disorders (dementia)

◦ personality disorders

◦ schizophrenia spectrum and other psychotic disturbances

◦ bipolar affective disorder

“I obtained my medical degree in 2013 in Pécs. I consider the therapeutic activity as a partnership, in which I seek an alliance with the people who come to me. During the process, I consider it extremely important to find a common language and a mutually safe, yet comfortable closeness/distance. In addition to my fundamentally humanistic attitude, I work with an analytical and dynamic approach.”

“I worked as an ambulance attendant for a year during university before obtaining my medical degree. After becoming a doctor, I worked at the psychiatric department of Mohács Hospital and then at the Thalassa House Institute of Psychotherapy and Psychiatric Rehabilitation until I passed my psychiatric specialist exam in 2018. In the years since then I have worked as an on-call physician in general practice, as a psychiatrist in Fonyód, and I am currently a psychiatrist at the Normafa Idősek Otthona (home for the elderly) and a psychiatrist and a treating therapist at Thalassa House. I am currently training as a group analyst with the Group Analytic and Training Society.”


2006-2013   –  Faculty of General Medicine, University of Pécs

2013-2018 – Residency training: psychiatric department of Mohács Hospital, Thalassa House Institute of Psychotherapy and Psychiatric Rehabilitation

2018 – psychiatric specialist examination