Dr Judit Máté

Dr Judit Máté

internal medicine specialist, nephrologist, psychotherapist

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Suspicion of a kidney problem can often arise in a general internal medicine examination or after a routine blood/urine test. There may be differences such as elevated urea or creatinine levels, higher potassium levels and anemia, which may be of kidney origin. The exact diagnosis, treatment and cure of – without claiming completeness – kidney stones, kidney sand, kidney failure, loss of protein in the urine, colds, chronic urinary tract infection, polycystic kidney disease, high blood pressure or kidney problems caused by diabetes and many other diseases related to kidney function are the tasks of the nephrologist.


I gradutated from the Medical University of Pécs in 2007 as a general practitioner. Then I began my medical work there at the II. Internal Medicine Clinic and Nephrology Center (of Pécs) as a clinician and I continued my work there for 12 years.

Owing to my exceptional luck, I had the chance to make progress both humanly and professionally at the side of my outstanding teachers. I took special exams in 2012 in internal medicine, then in 2016 in nephrology. Beside the inpatient treatment at the clinic I acquired valuable experience in specialised care, attendance and emergency care. As a priority, I trained myself and got essential experience mainly in the field of nephrology and diabetology along with the internal medical care.

Clinical experience: nephrology, diabetology

I also participated actively in clinical trials at the clinic (concerning nephrology and diabetology). From the beginning, I took part in clinical education teaching medical students, paramedic and diatetic students for practical medicine, diabetology and nephrology. I gained important experience at the FMC Dialysis Center as a dialysis physician. In addition, I performed on-call duties for years at the Hospice, Nursing and Chronic department of the Pécs House of the Merciful Order Hospital, which further shaped my personality and my attitude towards patients. My experience led me to enroll in the psychotherapist training starting in Pécs in 2015, continuing on the path of patient care with a holistic approach which is so important to me.

Specialist exam in psychotherapy

With a dynamic approach, I focused primarily on the areas of short dynamic therapy as well as integrative psychotherapy. In 2020, I passed a specialist exam in psychotherapy. In this specialty, my main areas of interest are psychosomatic diseases, somatization disorders and coping with chronic illnesses. Coming to Budapest, my professional journey continued in a direction that drew my attention to the importance of screening asymptomatic, „disease-free” people, as well as the significance of prevention.

Psychotherapy consultation only in Hungarian!

Dr. Máté Judit nefrológus

My desire and goal, within the given framework, is to create the conditions of patient care in which those seeking help can receive the fullest possible care, and in which, in addition to professional diagnosis and treatment, there is a place and way to discuss mental problems which often accompany diseases, the principles of the right lifestyle and to achieve the most useful opportunities for the preservation or restoration of health.