Dr Judit Kincs

Dr Judit Kincs

Pediatric pulmonologist, pediatrician

Consultation only in Hungarian

„At my consultation I am awaiting families with any general pediatric questions, whether they are about insufficient weight development, infant nutrition or other developmental issues.

I am glad to help with pediatric pulmonary check-up in case of problems such as:

  • prolonged cough,
  • difficulty breathing in infants and young children,
  • in the presence of allergic rhinitis, asthma
  • chronic lung disease in premature babies with airway stenosis.

Those who turn to me can expect a thorough questioning, and after the subsequent physical examination, I will make the diagnosis and prepare the medical check-up plan. I will continue to help the children and the families by following up the therapy, caring for the patient, and monitoring the healing process.”


„My childhood dream came true when, in October 2002, I started working at the Children’s Clinic I. of Semmelweis University as a medical resident pediatrician.

After seven years of parental leave – as a happy mother of three – I spent my internship at the Children’s Clinic I., then in the fall of 2015 I passed the specialist exam in pediatrics.




From January 2016 I worked as a member of the Pediatric Pulmonology Working Group of the clinic at the pulmonology department, where I also thoroughly prepared for  my second professional exam – pediatric pulmonology. In October 2018 I took the specialist exam in pediatric pulmonology.

Starting from November 2017 I have been now the chief pysician of the infant care department at the Children’s Clinic I. of Semmelweis University; from March 2020 – due to the coronavirus epidemic – I have also been entrusted to be the head doctor of the intermediate department of the Children’s Clinic. On July 2021, I received the rector’s honor at the Semmelweis Day Celebration for my outstanding involvement in providing COVID-care.”

The specialists of the Panorama Polyclinic treat equally the physical and mental causes of children’s diseases. This complex, so-called psychosomatic approach is also supportive for parents, because when there are no organ abnormalities in the background of each complaint, the possibly existing psychological causes must be taken into consideration and treated if necessary. In addition to the highly experienced pediatricians, the team of complementary physicians also includes psychologists and psychiatrists who can do much to restore and maintain the mental balance of young children, adolescents and young adults.

Pediatrics, private consultation at the Panoráma Polyclinic

Szívesen segítek a gyermektüdőgyógyászati kivizsgálásban: elhúzódó köhögés, csecsemő és kisdedkori nehézlégzés, allergiás nátha, asztma fennállásakor