Dr Ildikó Vančo

Dr Ildikó Vančo

pediatric radiologist, psychotherapist candidate

I graduated from Semmelweis University as a general practitioner. After graduating I started my pediatric education at the SE II. Pediatric Clinic and in 2016 I took specialist exam in pediatrics. I have been member of the Radiology Department of the Clinic since 2016, and I have been working as a pediatric radiologist since 2019. In my pediatric work I regularly take advantage of my pediatric knowledge so that my patients can enjoy the benefits of a broad-minded approach.

Pediatric Ultrasound examinations:

Newborn ultrasound screening (abdominal, cranium, hip ultrasound): the optimal time for screening is between 6 and 8 weeks of age. Infant, toddler and pediatric ultrasound examination: thyroid ultrasound examination, cervical soft tissue ultrasound examination, abdominal and lesser pelvic ultrasound examination, testicular ultrasound examination, soft tissue ultrasound examination and ultrasound examination of joint complaints with non-traumatic origin.

Here are some good pieces of advice for the examination:

It is not necessary to arrive with an empty stomach for all the examinations, but 1-2 hours before the abdominal ultrasound examination the child should drink only liquid, but should not drink a fizzy soft drink (soda) on the day of the examination. For  the examination of the gall bladder and biliary duct, optimal conditions are obtained after 4-6 hours of starvation.

This does not apply to babies coming to ultrasound screening, the baby can be fed as usual.

For lesser pelvic ultrasound examination my request is that children should arrive with a full bladder because the pelvic organs can be examined to a limited extent with an empty bladder.

Feel free to bring along nipples, toys and music for the babies and children.