Dr Helga Tóth

Dr Helga Tóth

allergist-immunologist, pulmonologist

Consultation only in Hungarian

I graduated from the Szent-Györgyi Albert Medical University in Szeged in 1993 as a general practitioner. Then I began my career in Budapest at Uzsoki Hospital pulmonary internal medicine department. It was there, where my attachment and humility for my profession as well as my commitment to the patients deepened and where I could acquire extensive professional knowledge and routine in all areas of pulmonology. During the years in the hospital I acquired qualifications from pulmonology in 1998, clinical immunology and allergology in 2003. Starting from 2010 – keeping my once per week outpatient consultation – I pursued my professional career at the dispensary of the Péterfy Sándor Utcai Hospital where I have been working now as a chief medical officer since 2011.

I am constantly extending my knowledge by regularly attending vocational trainings and national congresses. I have had several opportunities to widen my professional outlook at the international congress (ERS) abroad.

Dr. Tóth Helga allergológus, tüdőgyógyász

I have been dealing with diseases concerned with the lungs and allergic respiratory disorders for almost three decades, and with stop smoking support for over 10 years. Lungs are such wonderful parts of our body, the existence of which we ignore because breathing is natural for us. The tiniest problem that makes breathing apparent bothers the patient seriously both physically and mentally. At the beginning of my career I learnt – and since then it has become my profession of faith – that we must cure not only the diesease alone, but the patient as a whole. I perform my work day by day with this faith and approach in mind for the sake and well-being of the patients’ physical and mental recovery.