Dr Gergely Mészáros

Dr Gergely Mészáros

pediatric and adolescent psychiatric specialist, psychotherapist candidate

Consultation only in Hungarian

My interest in child and adolescent psychiatry dates back to my university years. In 2005 I started to do students’ association research work at the Vadaskert Children Psychiatric Hospital and Outpatient Clinic, and from 2006 I also worked there as a nursing assistant, child care attendant. I graduated in medicine in 2007, I completed the VIKOTE (Hungarian Association for Behavioral Studies and Cognitive Therapy) preparatory course for psychotherapist exam in 2011. In 2012, I became a child and adolescent psychiatric specialist and in 2014 I began my PhD studies.

Dr. Mészáros Gergely

For several years I performed consultative work in the fields of child protection (children’s homes, PM-TEGYESZ Expert Committee) and education (Education Counselling Service, TKVSZRB).

I started my adult psychiatric studies in 2020, because I realized that my main area of interest – diagnostic and therapeutic work with adolescents – needed to be supplemented, as in the challenges of modern world it is definitely important to work with young adults living in the parental home for a long time, and with their families in a comprehensive child psychiatric-psychiatric approach. That is why I am currently working full-time at the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy of Semmelweis University.

Complementing my daily diagnostic and therapeutic work, from the beginning I have been participating in several researches and I am happy to take on teaching too. I also deal with individual psychotherapeutic guidance of adolescents and young adults under supervision. For the first occasion, I welcome young people under the age of 18 and their caregivers living in the same household, and if there is a need, I also talk to each family member separately during the interview.