Dr. Csilla Csáki

Dr. Csilla Csáki

pediatrician, pediatric allergist

„I always try to form a friendly partnership with the families who turn to me, I involve the parents in all further steps, examinations and treatment decisions. During my work, in addition to personal meetings, I try to make the most out of the opportunities provided by the Internet and I also use some forms of online communication in relation to email consultations, problem solving discussions and analysis of findings.

My professional interest is primarily in the complex care of children with severe, life-threatening food allergies (including peanut allergy, which carries the risk of anaphylaxis as well). In recent years, I have managed to bring together the care of hundreds of children who are severely allergic to peanut, cashew nut and other oilseeds, milk and egg, in a way that is unique in the country. With providing the most up-to-date examination and treatment methods to these families, I want to make it possible for them to receive the same quality of treatment in Hungary as in the developed Anglo-Saxon countries. Part of this is  the most accurate so-called component-based mapping of allergies available in Hungary using the ImmunoCAP method (component-based allergy testing), performing oral load tests (OFC, oral food challenge) with an appropriate hospital background, and initiating oral immunotherapy for food allergies (OIT) where possible. We have created a parent group for families living with severe allergies and we are also launching psychological intervention support for them in a unique way in Hungary.

Of course, I am awaiting my new patients also with symptoms of eczema, atopic dermatitis, as eczema in infancy is always related to a predisposition to allergies in some forms. Allergic symptoms affecting the airways, such as sneezing (in allergic rhinitis), runny nose, itchy nose and nasal congestion, may also require an allergist examination. Prolonged coughs, wheezing, upper respiatory catarrh or bronchitis in infancy can also be signs of subsequent allergic-asthmatic conditions. (Developing asthma, testing and treatment are described in detail HERE)


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I use innovative treatment options for children with respiratory allergies, for example the so-called hyposensitization or allergen immunotherapy which is an accustomizing treatment based on developing tolerance to allergen extracts. I use injectable, sublingual and tablet forms of treatments, also in a way that is tailored to the patient’s allergy, symptoms and lifestyle.

In the course of healing children, I have realized that allergy is a complex condition that can be properly treated by the allergist, if the various physical symptoms (skin symptoms, eczema, food allergies, respiratory complaints) are considered to be interrelated and, in addition to the patients’ physical complaints we also pay attention to the mental ones.

At the Panoráma Polyclinic, we strive to provide complex allergological-pulmonological-gastroenterological care for children who are prone to allergic-atopic problems, so that patients do not have to visit five-six different specialists, but they can receive the  most personalized treatment for their interrelated complaints.

In recent years, I have acquired proficiency in the immunotherapeutic treatment of allergies and in the molecular-based diagnostics of allergies at domestic and international institutions. I am constantly monitoring new allergy treatment options and testing methods, which allows me to have up-to-date knowledge.”

Professional career:

Dr Csilla Csáki allergist-immunologist, pediatrician

I started my university studies in Budapest, at the Faculty of General Medicine of SOTE, I obtained my medical degree in 1991 with summa cum laude qualification. As a newly graduated doctor, I treated the patients of the Children’s Clinic I. of Semmelweis University and I expanded my internship in Germany and also in the United States. In 1996 I successfully passed the pediatric specialist exam, between 2000 and 2012, as a pediatrician General Practitioner in the XI. district (Budapest), I contributed to the recovery of patients too many of whom struggled with allergic complaints.

In 2007 I took the allergy-immunology specialist exam, and I gained professional experience at the Children’s Clinic I. of Semmelweis University, the department of Dermatology of Semmelweis University, the National Korányi Institute of Pulmonology and ORFI.

I learned the basics of molecular allergy testing in 2016 at the training course of King’s College in London. In 2007, I gained the International Allergology qualification of the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) (EAACI/UEMS Examination). In 2018, I completed the „INUNIMAI Training for Trainers” course in allergology and immunology, which was organized by the Medical University of Vienna.