Dr Annamária Pálinkás

Dr Annamária Pálinkás

Pediatric gastroenterologist, infant specialist and pediatrician

I mainly deal with the examination of children with food allergies, abdominal pain, defecation problems and the care of children with celiac or inflammatory bowel disease. I am currently working as a pediatric gastroenterology specialist at the Pediatric Clinic II. In my work I consider biopsychosocial approach to be important, i.e. I try to help children as effectively as possible even if there is no evidence of an organ abnormality in the background of their complaints.

In which cases can a pediatric gastroenterologist help?

  • recurrent abdominal pain
  • distension
  • weight stunting, weight stagnation, weight loss even with a maintained appetite
  • diarrhea, constipation, appearance of bloody stools
  • possibility of food allergies (e.g. milk, eggs, soya…)
  • review of the child’s previously confirmed food allergy
  • suspected lactose or fructose intolerance
  • symptoms suggestive of reflux (e.g. acid reflux burning sensation, recurrent upper respiratory tract infections)
  • consultation related to investigations for previous gastrointestinal complaints (abdominal ultrasound, laboratory tests, other findings)
  • a follow-up review of a chronic illness is due

Qualifications, professional experience

2008              General Medicine Degree  (Semmelweis University, Faculty of                                    Medicine)

2015              Special examination in infant care and pediatrics

2021              Special examination in pediatric gastroenterology


2008-2012             Central trainee in infant care and pediatrics, Semmelweis                                 University, Budapest

2012-2015              Candidate of infant care and pediatrics, Pediatric Clinic II.,                                Budapest

2015-                                    Clinical specialist, Pediatric Clinic II., Budapest

Scientific membership

2020-                                    Hungarian Society of Pediatric Gastroenterology

Language skills

French:         advanced complex exam             2002

German:       intermediate complex exam      2001

English:         final university examination      2007