Dr Ágota Magyari

Dr Ágota Magyari


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Care for patients suffering from headaches (migraines); diagnosis and treatment of cerebral circulation disorders; check-up of neuroimmunological diseases (sclerosis multiplex); examination of peripheral nervous system disorders (neuropathy).

„It is of utmost importance that during neurological consultations sufficient time and calm environment should be available for doctor-patient meetings. It makes possible that we could carefully unfold the patients’ current complaints and their history, which contributes to the accurate establishment of diagnosis. According to my medical creed the essential factors for recovery are a doctor-patient relationship based on empathy, examination and treatment based on the latest research and regular consultations with various other specialties (internal medicine, psychiatry, psychology).”

Neurological examination may be required for:

  • diseases with persistent pain such as migraine, facial neuralgia, low back, back or neck pain irradiating to the limbs
  • limb paralysis or numbness
  • speech disorder
  • visual impairment
  • dizziness
  • hand shake, limb coordination disorders
  • persistent numbness
  • amnesia (memory impairment)

Common neurological diseases include:

  • stroke,
  • epilepsy,
  • sclerosis multiplex,
  • dementia
  • or Parkinson’s disease too.

I graduated from the Faculty of General Medicine of the University of Debrecen in 2013. After the residency years I passed the neurology specialist exam in 2019.

I spent my vocational training at the Department of Neurology of Uzsoki Street Hospital, where I cared for a large number of patients suffering from cerebral circulatory disorders, sclerosis multiplex, headaches and various pain syndromes.

Dr. Magyari Ágota

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