Anna Répássy

Anna Répássy


Anna Répássy, physiotherapist, who also participates in the work of the Pain Outpatient Clinic of Panoráma Polyclinic, offers a wide range of physiotherapy, manual therapy, and special treatments, and involves her patients in active, individualised therapies.

In 2021 she graduated from Semmelweis University with a BSc degree in physiotherapy. She participated in various professional training courses at the Feövenyessy Medical Fitness Academy and Oriolus-Med and in manual therapy training courses of the Stecco method. In 2022 she started her studies at the Semmelweis University accredited manual therapist training. She has been working as a personal trainer for fifteen years and since graduating she has also been helping her patients as a physiotherapist.

She also contributes to the activity of the Pain Outpatient Clinic at Panoráma Polyclinic.

Her main areas of expertise are

  • fascia (connective tissue) treatments for pain
  • post-operative rehabilitation, scar treatment
  • improving posture, physiotherapy for stabilising
  • improving general physical condition
  • visceral therapy (manual therapy of internal organs)
  • vagus therapy (well-being therapy)

‘Not only from my own example, but as a physiotherapist and personal trainer, I also see in the lives of my patients that regular exercise, incorporated into our daily rhythm, can do wonders. It is often difficult to get started and there are times, when – literally – a more painful phase in life comes, but this can be overcome with help and professional support. In view of this, I encourage patients to engage in active therapy with individualised tasks. I also use manual grips and connective tissue treatments to help the therapy.’