Panoráma Polyclinic (Buda)

7 Derkovits Street, 1126 Budapest
2 Dolgos Street , staircase no. 1., 1st floor 4. (psychotherapy and group therapy consulting rooms)

Panoráma Polyclinic (Pest)

81 Ilosvai Selymes Street, 1147 Budapest

Panoráma Polyclinic

Panoráma Polyclinic

Personal experience and  deep professional commitment in the foundation of Panoráma Polyclinic led the founders to endeavour to establish a private clinic where they could practice a mode of patient-focused healing.

In addition, the medical approach of the Polyclinic can also be characterized as a way of psychosomatic technique, which means that there is a paralel and simultaneous attention both to the physical and mental processes; we strive to heal the body and the soul together. Because of this endeavour, at Panoráma Polyclinic you can take advantage of a special care like the psychosomatic medical examination, which is carried out by colleagues with both medical and psychotherapeutic qualifications. Several specialist examinations are associated with our complex health consultation led by a psychologist, because we are certain that healing and improvement of patients’ condition necessitate not only a proper diagnosis and medication, but also the patient’s  better understanding of the disease, as well as the outlining of his/her relationship to the illness (which is especially important in chronic diseases). Our specialists, experienced in the practice of onco-hematological and oncopsychological consultations, work together according to the above  model.

Diseases cause severe mental strain, the physical symptoms are often accompanied by mental crises, anxiety and depression, but these seemingly mental complaints can be developed by somatic disorders. An important part of the worked out operating model is the regular consultation and cooperation between the medical specialists taking care of healing with somatic approach and the specialist physicians dealing with the treatment of mental problems.

At Panoráma Polyclinic, the following specialties and implicitly their specialists with hospital experience are available: endocrinology, internal medicine, pediatrics, allergology-immunology, neurology, pulmonology, cardiology, radiology, pediatric radiology, nephrology and neurosurgery whose specialist physician leads the pain management clinic.

Our professional team, consisting of psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, psychotherapists and special needs teachers, deals with the examination and psychotherapy of children and adults.

In addition to our clinic being in district XII, in Buda, we are at the disposal of our pediatric and adult patients in district XIV, in Pest, from  the autumn of 2021. At our Panoráma Polyclinic in Zugló (district XIV), pediatric gastroenterology, pediatric pulmonology, adult and pediatric dietetics are available in addition to the medical care of infants and children, adult and pediatric clinical psychology and laboratory tests.

The joint work of the professional team of Panoráma Polyclinic started a decade ago (at that time it was called Panoráma Medical Center) – since then we have been joining to the medical public life by organizing internal further trainings and conferences, as well as by participating in congresses.





At Panoráma Polyclinic the following specialties are available: pediatrics, internal medicine, neurology, endocrinology, nephrology, hematology, oncology consultation, psychiatry, psychology, psychosomatic care.

What can we cure at our clinic?

  • allergy, asthma, difficult breathing
  • chest symptoms, migraine, back pain, vertebral pain
  • neuropathic pain, abdominal pain
  • numbness of limbs
  • endocrinological diseases, thyroid problems
  • hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism
  • insulin resistance, diabetes
  • pediatric abdominal pain, respiratory diseases of upper and lower respiratory tracts
  • pediatric diseases
  • children’s behavioural and integration disorders
  • fatigue, hematogenic disorders, hair loss
  • burn out syndrome
  • mood disorder, emotional dysregulation, depression


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