COVID-19 PCR, antigen and antibody tests

COVID-19 PCR test

Officially accepted, valid test to confirm or rule out the presence of the virus infection!

Samples are collected from the nasopharynx and from the throat. At present PCR testing is one of the most sensitive methods for confirming the presence of the coronavirus.

For trips, foreign travels (by plane), return to work, exemption from quarantine and certificate of recovery we provide official results in both English and Hungarian.

Important to know:

In order to have valid test results, under no circumstances should you eat, drink, smoke or chew gum at least three hours before the sampling. Also please do not brush your teeth, do not rinse your mouth with mouthwash, other chemicals or even with clear water, do not use mouth freshener and do not suck candy, as these may affect the result of the test to be accomplished!

Price of the PCR test is HUF 19,500.-

Comfortable weekend testing! Test for your secure journey to spend your vacation safe and sound.

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Information about sampling

PCR testing is carried out by a qualified healthcare professional, in accordance with the professional protocol by means of special sampling tools. The so-called polymerase chain reaction (PCR) can be detected by sampling from the nasopharynx and the throat at a very early phase, within 1-3 days after the infection.

The taken sample is sent by our polyclinic to an official laboratory accredited by the National Public Health Center for analysis. The result is recorded in the official epidemiological database in accordance with the recent health protocole regulation. Respectively, results that we have received from the laboratory will be sent to the email address registered at our sampling point, in conformity with the applicable GDPR rules.

About the PCR test

The PCR test is suitable to confirm the suspicion of infection, to rule it out or to prove the fact of recovery from the viral infection. It may happen that sampling takes place in such an early stage of the incubation period that the virus cannot be detected yet, so in this case the testing may need to be repeated. After the recovery, the virus disappears from the mucous membrane, so taking two different samples two days apart and receiving negative results for both can most likely indicate a recovered status.

The result sent from the microbiological laboratory can have the following status: ’positive’, ’negative’ or rarely ’not evaluable’. In the latter case the sampling is necessary to be repeated.


The PCR test cannot be performed if  symptoms of the coronavirus can be clearly recognized – fever, dry cough,  smell and taste loss, fatigue,  shortness of breath, difficult breathing and less often skin sensitivity (burning feeling). In these cases the family doctor (general practitioner) or the ambulance must be notified!


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