COVID-19 PCR, antigen and antibody tests

COVID-19 rapid antigen test

Rapid antigen test to confirm or rule out the presence of the virus infection. Result is ready within 15 minutes!  Nasopharyngeal samples are collected. Comfortable weekend testing!

Price of the COVID-19 rapid antigen test is HUF 9,900.

Test for your safe journey to spend your vacation in peace. For travel (air travel), returning to work, confirming recovery from the disease and for major family events in order to keep all your family members safe. After the evaluation of the test, we provide the official result in Hungarian and English.

Information about sampling

The COVID-19 Ag test, by analyzing samples taken from the nasopharynx, is suitable for confirming or ruling out the presence of the virus. The coronavirus rapid test (SD BIOSENSOR STANDARD Q COVID-19 Ag Test) used in our clinic delivers reliable results for both symptomatic and asymptomatic persons. According to the current knowledge, the virus adheres principally to the epithelial cells of the mucous membrane in the nose and then begins to reproduce. Therefore, during the test, we collect an appropriate amount of sample from the superficial epithelial cells with the help of a sampling rod inserted into the nasal cavity.

At our clinic, test sampling is accomplished by a qualified medical staff. From sampling to the receipt of the result it takes an average of 5-8 minutes. After evaluating the result, we will prepare the official finding confirming the result in Hungarian and English language.


The test cannot be performed if  symptoms of the coronavirus can be clearly recognized – fever, dry cough,  smell and taste loss, fatigue,  shortness of breath, difficult breathing and less often skin sensitivity (burning feeling). In these cases the family doctor (general practitioner) or the ambulance must be notified!


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