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Basic knowledge about occupational health

This information page is intended to help our contracted or prospective partners. Explanations of terms related to occupational healthcare can help guide colleagues looking for a healthcare company which can provide the appropriate service for their own or their employer’s smaller or larger business. We hope that Panoráma Polyclinic can be the right partner for you and your company.

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Category ″A”
Blue-collar jobs in mining and metallurgy and non-manual workers who spend more than 50% of their working time in an environment which corresponds to occupational health category "A" status. Irrespective of the sectorial class of the activity, workers exposed to carcinogens, working with radiant or unknown substances (not tested for toxicity), employees participating in animal testing/experimentation, laborers employed in jobs with early retirement benefit, employees employed in jobs directly related to the management of the rail traffic and people employed in aviation and water transport related jobs, which are subject to professional licence, all belong to this category.

Category ″B”
Manual workers of the following fields of economy belong to this category: agriculture, wildlife management, forestry, construction industry, manufacture of food products and beverages, manufacture of tobacco products, textile industry, ready-to-wear apparel manufacturing, dressing and dyeing of fur and leather, manufacture of leather and foot-wear products, wood processing, oil refining and coke manufacturing, production of chemical raw materials and final products, manufacture of rubber and plastic products, manufacture of non-metallic mineral products, recovery of raw materials from waste, land and pipeline transport, water transport, air transport, manufacture of furniture, healthcare and social work, veterinary activities, printed matter manufacturing. Non-manual workers who spend more than 50% of their working time in an environment which corresponds to occupational health category "B" status also belong to this category.

Category ″C”
Manual workers related to industrial, service, research and IT activities which are not included in the occupational health category ″A”, as well as non-manual employees who spend more than 50% of their working time in an environment which corresponds to occupational health category "C" status belong to this category.

Category ″D”
Employed people in research, organizational, cultural, educational and other administrative activities belong to this category. It includes the employees in non-manual occupations of activities classified in categories ″ A”, ″B” and ″C”, not classified in the other categories.

Changes in the working conditions and the environment caused by COVID-19, such as working from home-office, returning to the central place of work, constitute a stress factor for many people. A new type of approach is needed to achieve that all employees perform perfectly and the efficiency of the company is restored as a whole. Being the first psychosomatic clinic in Hungary, more than 20 specialists are available in the field of psychology and psychiatry. We believe that physical illnesses are inseparable from mental processes, so in our care we treat not only the symptoms but the whole person.

In addition to heredity and genetics, the following risk factors contribute the most to the development of varying cardiovascular diseases: 1. Smoking 2. Consumption of alcohol 3. Excessive salt intake 4. Obesity 5. High blood pressure 6. High blood sugar level, insulin resistance, diabetes. Our lifestyle can make a significant contribution to maintaining our health and preventing diseases.


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Since 2022, Panoráma Polyclinic has been offering complex ADHD diagnostics for adults. A psychiatrist, a somatic specialist and a psychologist take part in the assessment, and the team performs its activity according to professional protocols and international standards. In addition to the psychiatric examination, the program also includes a somatic medical examination, a questionnaire survey […]


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Living with persistent or recurring pain is physically and psychologically torturous. Moreover, the pain is not constant and can increase over time, as long-lasting intense pain lowers the pain threshold in the affected part of the body. Patients experience increasing, even unbearable pain, their quality of life and vitality deteriorate, and their family and environment […]


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Nerve ablation means the elimination of the pain transmitting nerve fibres that innervate the joints, so that the sensation cannot reach the brain and cannot become conscious. Most often, we treat the nerves in the small joints of the spine and the larger joints of the limbs. In this way, spinal and other joint problems […]