Appointment with our physicians

Booking our adult and pediatric specialist medical examinations

You can log in directly to our specialists on our appointment booking surface. In the process of booking, after completing the selection of the doctor and the specialty, you can proceed to the available appointment by using the NEXT (TOVÁBB) button.

By choosing the selected time, after entering the patient’s data, you can confirm your booking by using the SEND BOOKING (FOGLALÁS KÜLDÉSE) button.

Please pay attention! If you book an appointment for your child, please enter the child’s name, date of birth, TAJ number (social security number), parent’s (caregiver’s) email address and phone number into the related boxes! (Our pediatrician: Dr Anna Kövér, our pediatric radiologist – ultrasound examinations: Dr Ildikó Vančo.)

Logging in on our appointment booking surface

  • could be done anytime, even on weekends
  • easy way to book a consultation, without standing in line
  • you receive an automatic e-mail to the specified email address with the details of your booking
  • if you book an appointment for more than 5 days in advance, we will send you a reminder SMS the day before the booked appointment
  • at arrival check-in takes just a minute

In our pain management clinic, led by our neurosurgeon, a complex medical team of specialists practises to find out the cause of the pain as soon as possible; this team of experts is consisting of a neurosurgeon, a neurologist, a health psychologist and a manual therapist. Therefore, when booking the appointment, please write a few sentences about your symptoms so that we can make contact with you and can start healing in the most appropriate way, thus avoiding the unnecessary examinations and testing. When booking an appointment you can write into the comment section and we also welcome additional emails related to the booking:

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!



At Panoráma Polyclinic the following specialties are available: pediatrics, internal medicine, neurology, endocrinology, nephrology, hematology, oncology consultation, psychiatry, psychology, psychosomatic care.