Appointment for pain management

At our pain management clinic, we carry out the process of diagnosis and treatment with the integrated work of a medical team led by a neurosurgeon specialist.

With the  help of the specially assembled medical team, incorporating  our neurologist, health pychologist and our manual therapist, the painful symptoms caused by the disease are treated in a complex way, by searching for the root cause of the pain in the human body.

Acute pains such as

  • sciatica
  • lumbago
  • pinched nerve
  • spontaneous low back pain
  • or facial (trigeminal) neuralgia, or chronic pains, like
  • various types of arthritis
  • recurrent pain caused by back and neck injuries
  • migraine headache
  • or varying musculoskeletal pains associated with the loss of movement

In relation with the occuring pains and complaints, it is important that the patients who approach us receive fast, professional care.

Therefore, in order to avoid the unnecessary examinations, it is important to get in direct contact with our patients as soon as possible, right after the registration to the pain management clinic, and by taking into consideration their complaints refer them to the most appropriate specialist.

We will arrange an appointment in person with our best specialist for you, so please fill in the registration form and detail your complaints so that we can contact you either by phone or by e-mail!

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At Panoráma Polyclinic the following specialties are available: pediatrics, internal medicine, neurology, endocrinology, nephrology, hematology, oncology consultation, psychiatry, psychology, psychosomatic care.